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Welcome to Renaissance Dental Group, where we’re dedicated to providing exceptional dental care to the community of Cliffside Park, NJ. Our experienced team of dentists are committed to helping you achieve a healthy and beautiful smile. And among the many services we offer, dental implants are a standout solution for restoring missing teeth and enhancing your overall oral health.

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What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are prosthetic teeth that function and appear just like natural teeth. They are a permanent solution for replacing missing teeth, providing both aesthetic and functional benefits. Implants consist of three essential components: a titanium post, an abutment, and a dental crown. The titanium post is surgically placed into the jawbone, where it fuses with the surrounding bone tissue through a process called osseointegration. This creates a strong and stable foundation for the dental crown, which is then attached to the abutment.

Dental Implant Placement

At Renaissance Dental Group, we specialize in dental implant placement and restoration. Our dental implant specialists have the expertise and experience to ensure successful implantation. The procedure begins with a comprehensive examination of your oral health to determine if dental implants are the right option for you. If so, we will create a personalized treatment plan tailored to your specific needs.

During the implant placement process, the titanium post is carefully inserted into the jawbone. We use advanced techniques and technologies to minimize discomfort and promote a faster recovery. The post is left to heal and integrate with the bone, usually taking a few months. Once the implant has fully fused with the jawbone, we will attach the abutment and place a custom-made dental crown over it, completing the restoration of your missing tooth.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants offer numerous advantages over traditional tooth replacement options, such as dentures or dental bridges. Here are some key benefits:

1. Improved Oral Health: Unlike dentures or bridges, dental implants don’t rely on adjacent teeth for support. This helps to preserve the natural tooth structure and prevents the bone from deteriorating.

2. Enhanced Aesthetics: Dental implants look and feel like natural teeth, providing a seamless and attractive smile. They blend seamlessly with your existing teeth, allowing you to regain confidence in your appearance.

3. Restored Functionality: Dental implants function just like natural teeth, allowing you to eat, speak, and chew with ease. They provide excellent stability, ensuring that you can enjoy all your favorite foods without any restrictions.

4. Long-lasting Solution: With proper care and maintenance, dental implants can last a lifetime. They are highly durable and resistant to decay, offering a reliable and permanent solution for tooth replacement.

The Dental Implant Process

Consultation – During a consultation, Dr. Shulman will look at every aspect of your oral and overall health to make sure implants are right for you.
Preliminary procedures – In some cases, separate treatment is needed beforehand (e.g. gum disease therapy, a bone graft, or extractions).
Implant placement – For convenience and continuity of care, Dr. Shulman will perform your implant surgery right here in our office. It usually takes 1-2 hours per implant, during which she’ll make your comfort a top priority from start to finish.
Osseointegration – Implants generally take 3-6 months to osseointegrate, or fuse, with the surrounding jawbone. Exceptions to this are All-On-4 or Teeth-In-a-Day cases, in which implants are placed and restored on the same day.
Restoration – The last step is having your implant restored with either a single dental crown, bridge, or a denture.

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If you’re missing one or more teeth and are interested in dental implants, contact Renaissance Dental Group today to schedule a consultation. Our team of experienced dental implant specialists will assess your oral health and discuss the best treatment options for you. After all, we’re committed to providing personalized care and helping you achieve a healthy, beautiful smile with dental implants. So don’t let missing teeth hold you back – let us restore your smile with the exceptional dental care you deserve.

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